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5 social media mistakes to avoid

Everyone is on social media, especially brands. So there’s every reason to get online and to do it right the first time! Here are five common mistakes brand’s make online and how to avoid them!

1. Not proofreading

Poor spelling and incorrect grammar can hurt the credibility of your brand and business. While most social media networks require messages to be succinct, it doesn’t mean you should abandon proper spelling or punctuation for brevity in your posts.

2. Too much selling

Focus your social media content on building rapport with your audiences and let your sales team do the magic on generating leads. Provide engaging content that gives your audience a benefit or reason to spend their limited time reading your information.

3. Lack of consistency

Ensure that your voice stays consistent throughout your social media content across all platforms. Ask yourself or your social media management team before you post: “How does this help our brand and our customers?” If it’s a humorous post, keep it classy; if you share news items, make sure it’s something your audience will care about.

4. Clearly define your audience

The best social media reach is achieved by clearly defining your audience before you start posting. Provide your audience with content tailored to their interests; that will provide the initial spark to start a conversation between with your brand and your customers on social media.

5. No social media plan

All social media posts should be composed and scheduled with the purpose of reaching the biggest audiences’ at the most optimal times. Without a social media schedule, your brand’s social media accounts may seem abandoned, lack proper audience engagement, or run the risk of posting too much and annoying your target market. Plus without a strategy how do you know what you are trying to achieve? Be targeted and reap the rewards.

It’s so important to get these aspects right to your social media strategy. Why? Because your social media efforts might be the only touch point with a customer; your only chance to impress… So make it count!

If you need help with your social media, book a free consult with our team and we’ll help lead you on the right path.