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5 Things you can do to generate more leads

One of a marketing professional’s biggest objectives is to generate high quality leads. Why? Because leads funnel into prospects which funnel into more $$$!

Having a brilliantly designed website filled with loads of content is great, but if you’re not generating any leads from the content or site visitors than what use is it? Below we’ve hand picked five of our best lead generating tips for you to start capturing website visitors today and convert them into customers, driving sales for your business!

1. Offer a FREE gift!

Part of establishing yourself as a trusted and helpful source of information is offering content that your clients will find irresistible. What is a free gift? eBooks, templates, presentations and kits are all examples that lead the way in offers that will generate you the most amount of leads.

2. Have calls to action

Calls-to-action (CTA) are the secret to driving people to your offers. Your CTAs need to be effective at capturing people’s attention and persuading them to click. Use CTAs on your product pages, through in display ads, email, social media, blog posts, direct mail and anywhere else you can market your gift or offer.

3. Dedicated landing pages

Landing pages are an important element of lead generation and are a great tool for capturing website leads at a much higher rate. The aim of your dedicated landing page is simple: get visitors to complete the lead capture form! KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) rule applies here – don’t make the form too complicated!

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4. Have quick, easy forms for capturing contact information

Forms are what captures your lead’s details but without knowing the tricks of the trade, you could be scaring your visitors away! A good form will only have two to four fields to complete. This could be the difference between generating a new lead or having them exit your website because it’s too hard.

5. Have a blog

Blogging… who has the time? However, HubSpot estimate that companies who blog 6-8 times a month double their lead volume. Content is king and blogging helps your visitors think of you as a handy resource they can trust. That trust is what assists in generating new leads and gives you better quality prospects.

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