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Does Your Business need Live Chat?

Live chats are becoming nearly ubiquitous on the internet these days, and honestly, that comes as no surprise.

Live chat is now the best way to open up a direct line between your company and your customers. It’s the fastest, most efficient and most effective way to respond to customer inquiries, provide additional value and capture leads. 

A couple of years ago, live chats were useless. If you asked a question, you’d wait around for a while until you receive an automated response from a bot redirecting you to an FAQ page or telling you to call customer service. It was so annoying, no one used them.

That’s not the case any more. 

More and more people are looking for quick answers to their questions. And the longer you wait to respond, the less likely you are to capture the lead. In fact, after about 5 minutes, you are TEN TIMES less likely to maintain contact with a lead.

drift.com Lead Response SurveySource: drift.com

5 minutes seems like a pretty small window huh?

Well not if you set up a live chat to function properly. 

Bots used to be so terrible they would drive customers away. Now they are so intelligent and customisable that they can respond to a message instantly, providing relevant resources the customer can look at while they wait for a team member to join the chat.

drift.com Bot Example

There are a number of live chat services available, with a range of features and pricing plans depending on your needs, lead numbers, and team size. 

It’s easy to connect your live chat to your laptop or mobile phone, so that your team can be alerted as soon as a message comes in.

In modern times, people want answers to questions immediately. Every time you leave someone hanging, you’re passing on that lead to a competitor with better response times. 


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