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Inbound marketing is successful when it is human and helpful.

A big part of optimising your campaigns involves personalisation and personalising your emails is one way you come across as a real person not a sales bot. It also  and makes your recipient feel like a human rather than a number.

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Here are four ways you can personalise an email to a prospect:

1. The Sender

This example below was from a sales rep wanting to qualify their leads by allowing the recipient to book in a demo. They have used their name and email address in the ‘from’ section rather than a generic ‘sales@yourcompany.com’ address.  This sender has also used the contact’s name in the preview text and used personalisation throughout the email itself.

sender personalisation

2. The recipient… because you know who they are!

So many times, we see from clients, examples of emails that have been sent on mass to their ‘database’ without any personalisation. These emails often fail because they aren’t personalised to the recipient and are too sales focussed. If you are an online only retailer this may be the only exception to the rule, however it is still best practice that if you know who you are emailing to, you address it to them! Email is no different to a letter. Would you send an unaddressed letter to a customer?

3. The subject line

You want to grab your reader’s interest so they will open your email and click those links! So ensuring your subject line is both personalised and compelling is the aim.

These emails below have had subject lines crafted to be compelling, personal and helpful.

subject line

4. The email content

Consider personalising the content based on each buyer persona your business has. Using dynamic or active content if you have a system like HubSpot to help you will drive even more engagement with your recipients because you are personalising the content to meet their needs or pain points. If you don’t have a system like HubSpot, then you can create different emails each targeted at your different persona with content that has been personalised to their needs and wants. Give it a go, you might find your conversion rates might be upward bound in no time at all.

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