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how to take an epic photo for social media

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide with 1 billion active users each month! Instagram is one of the top tools for engagement on social media for your business and with Instagram users having a higher income bracket than other social media network, they have money to spend!

Based on visual content, Instagram provides the opportunity for you to communicate and promote your brand and what you do, and for you to engage with existing and potential customers.

A significant part of getting people to follow you initially is the quality of your photos and the content you post on your Instagram feed.

So what are the tips for taking a good photo?

1. First things first:

  • Clean your camera lens. Think about it – your phone has been in your bag, on your desk, in your hands, full of smudges, dust, and dirt. Using a phone cover will help keep your camera lens scratch free, while the cleaning of the lens ensures clarity and sharpness.
  • Use the regular camera app on your phone – this allows you to use elements unavailable in Instagram, such as the photo burst option.

2. What’s the plan?

  • Create a plan and think ahead regarding designing your feed to reflect your brand, and how this will look and feel, and what content is relevant. The plan will help direct what images you will take. Think about your ideal audience and what they might engage with on your feed.

3. Steady does it: 

  • When preparing to take the photo, maintain a stable posture to not shake the camera – rest your elbows, and if standing place legs shoulder width apart. Or better yet buy a simple and inexpensive phone tripod (try these tripods from Kmart, Officeworks, or JB Hi-Fi).
  • Turn grid lines on to help with the levelling of your photo.
  • Set your camera close to the subject instead of opting for zoom.
  • Refer to the rule of thirds.

4. Let there be light: 

  • Don’t use flash or lighting from light bulbs. Always use natural light from windows or doorways. Consider the best time of day for the light when planning photos.
  • Don’t point the camera into the light. Position yourself so the light source is behind you, creating better light on the subject and therefore will pick up the colours.

5. Focus:

  • Have a clear POI (point of interest) and lead the eye towards the subject.
  • Use the double tap on the phone screen to manually lock focus on the subject.
  • If you are taking a portrait, use Portrait Mode. If you are shooting just for Instagram use the ‘square’ photo option on your phone.

6. Do a background check: 

  • Consider your backdrop – a messy surround or poor choice of colour will detract from the subject in focus. Aim for a clean environment.
  • White space is a common and useful background as it gives your Instagram feed room to breathe. To do this, look for white walls to shoot in front if you’re photographing a person. Pick up a piece of foam board from an art shop and stage a shoot area.

7. Snap happy: 

  • Take lots of photos and take advantage of burst mode, an excellent feature to help you choose the very best moment to use!

8. Props and styling:

  • Add character, interest, and depth to the shot with some styling. Think about how to create the best-looking shot.

9. Editing eye: 

  • Don’t over edit – keep it simple.
  • Boarders can give an artistic feel and spacing between images on your feed. An app such as Whitagram is designed to frame the image.

Our picks for editing apps:

Happy photo snapping!