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Buzzwords. Jargon. Growth hacking. Nxt lvl biz meths. 


Please, just stop talking Chad. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love chatting about marketing, business and strategy. It’s why I made it my career. But some days I have to close my computer, hide my phone in my sock drawer and go have a drink (or three) because of the sheer amount of unadulterated bullshit that gets shoved in my face working in this industry.

I’d say what happened to the days of authenticity, but marketing has never been about authenticity has it? It’s been about selling. The only thing authentic about nearly all businesses is their bottom line. Morality has only been relevant in terms of ROI. 

Some days, I do believe things are getting better. 

Consumers are getting smarter. People are beginning to understand the impact of their purchases. Businesses are beginning to understand that transparency is beneficial for all parties.

But I’ll get to that later. For now I’m just gonna vent. 

So here are three common elements of the marketing industry that, in my humble opinion, are complete and utter bullshit.

1. Shifty Salesmen

Too many times, I’ve been in the middle of what I thought was an interesting conversation about life, business, passion or fascination, only to realise I’ve actually been subjected to a completely unsolicited soft pitch. I swear, if I get handed one more unwanted business card in a cafe or at an event I’m going to eat it in front of them. 

If you want to talk strategy or compare methodologies, I’m all ears. But if you want to offer me your services, you need to ask me if I want to hear what you have to offer. Just because your work is your life and your sense of fulfillment depends on your ability to persuade as many people as possible to boost your commission or raise your bottom line doesn’t mean everyone is keen to hear your proposal. 

There’s a time and a place for a sales pitch. If it’s not now and here, everything you’re saying to me is bullshit

2. The Answer is Automatically Automation

Ok, this one is a little tricky. I’m all for maximising efficiency. I love working with developers and engineers to set up processes that organise and augment your efforts. But if your goal is to do your job less and less, until you’re not working at all…maybe you should find another career. 

The number of people I’ve spoken to who hate their clients and resent customer feedback is astounding. They do everything in their power to remove human interaction from the marketing process. If you don’t want to sell your services or speak with your clients…maybe you should sell something else to someone else.

If I have to deal with a chatbot or get an automated email response from someone I’m paying for their services…that’s bullshit.

3. SEO is NOT Content Marketing

This one is a personal pet peeve. I mean these all are…but as a writer that specialises in SEO and content marketing, I consider myself a bit of an expert in content strategy and the content creation process. SEO is algorithm manipulation. Content marketing is storytelling. 

SEO analysts telling writers how to create content is like a barista telling a chef how to cook a perfect steak. Maybe they know a little bit about the steak, they may eat a lot of it too, but they don’t cook them every day. 

It’s us writers who are out here doing the work, seeing the results, comparing the differences in methodologies, augmenting our skills and choosing our niches. 

Content marketing is a rich, creative and satisfying process that connects businesses and consumers, solves problems and increases transparency. SEO is data tracking and puzzle solving. Not saying SEO isn’t important, but it’s not content marketing. If you tell me otherwise…that’s bullshit.

Ok. Sorry. Rant over.

Like I said before, I think that the marketing industry is getting less shitty. Consumers are starting to realise that their purchases have impacts on our society, the environment and even the political landscape. They are gravitating towards trustworthy individuals instead of conniving corporations. 

When businesses are held accountable for all levels of operations, it changes the way they market and ultimately operate. 

Unfortunately there’s still a long way to go until honesty reigns supreme. Until then, I’ll be throwing adblock to all the bullshit.

Peace & Love,



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