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Our Favourite Content July Edition

We hope you all had a happy and productive July. Ours was stressful at times but we accomplished a lot! 

We thought we’d share some of the content that helped us push through the hard times and put a smile on our faces. Hopefully you’ll get a smile or two from our laughs. 😀

Here’s Our Favourite Content: July Edition


Here’s some of the best times from my time in Canada!







It’s a mood:


But I like to stay positive



I love the internet



I’ve had an incredible month with the WiFi Tribe in Medellin. It culminated in a weekend getaway to Palomino where I got to hop on a motorcycle with an intertube, drive into the jungle, and float down El Rio Palomino sipping beers and identifying trees on the coast, until the river met the ocean. And I got to do it with some of the best people I know. This is the ‘content’ I truly live for.

IMG_20190730_105141_041 (2)


Having two labradors, this is very relevant to my life! They will and do eat everything!


Don’t we all know Negative Nelly? I’m always conscious of using my voice as a positive influence and I refuse to be anyone’s dream crusher!


The most accurate meme I’ve seen all month!



It’s not pleasant but last month was Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and I was pretty startled to learn Bowel Cancer is now Australia’s second deadliest cancer. A friend of one of our client’s died very young from this disease which is very sad. 98% of all bowel cancer cases can be treated successfully if treated early so please know your body, know the signs of bowel cancer and see your doctor if you have any concerns. 


Mine has to be the accidental wrong US coat of arms used at the recent trump speech to young Americans. 

Do you think the staffer who did this is fired much?


“Trump Spoke In Front Of A Russian-Inspired Parody Of The Presidential Seal Saying ’45 Is A Puppet'”

Yep, they did:

“Trump’s doctored presidential seal leads to firing”


You will see a strong theme coming across this month. We have just finished 2 weeks of school holidays and I was clinging on for dear life. Keeping them entertained, fed, alive while still trying to work 2 jobs, having the flu, getting any time to myself and keeping my sanity. But we made it!!


Markell2 (3)

Markell3 (2)


Markell5 (2)

Markell4 (2)

Markell1 (2)-1







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