Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is still very much a buzz term for many businesses. It can be a complex and ever-changing concept to grasp, but in reality, it is just another marketing channel, like advertising or public relations, but focused on two-way dialogue, enabling you to engage with your customers and consumers in a dynamic and direct way. It’s all about conversations, community, connecting with your audience and building good and sustainable relationships. It is not just a broadcast channel or a sales and marketing tool.

Fundamentally social media marketing is based on the principle of being ‘social’. This means interacting with customers, fans and followers in places where they like to hang out and feel comfortable. It means creating, sharing and exchanging ideas and information via virtual networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Does this sound like gobbledygook to you? Well, no need to be too bamboozled. If you simply view social media as another, more direct way of engaging consumers, then it becomes more clear. Just create a plan for communicating with your target audience on the most effective platform (or platforms) and monitor the results like you would any other activity. The beauty of social media is that it’s so easy to measure, track engagement and analyse results – making life so much easier for marketers. If only offline marketing was so easy!

Who should be on social media with their business or organisation?

Well, it really comes down to whether you can establish a two-way dialogue, conduct meaningful communication and engagement, and whether you have the internal resources and nous to manage it successfully.

Luckily, for those that cannot resource social media management internally, you have us! At Coffs Harbour-based CornerPost Creative, our dedicated social media marketing team is available to you at your beck and call.

CornerPost Creative is all about managing your social media marketing in a strategic and well-planned way. We will conduct the research, create the strategy and execute the plan, provide regular updates and track the results.

Some of our social media marketing services include

  • Social Media Planning
  • Account Design & Set Up
  • Outsourced Social Media Management
  • Social Media Promotions & Campaigns

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