Senior Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer / Serious Creative / Antipasto Queen / Cross Fitter / Beachgoer / Reality TV lover

Markell Hughes - CornerPost Creative

We feel lucky to have discovered the creative gold that is Markell. As Senior Graphic Designer at CornerPost Creative, Markell has over 14 years of industry knowledge and experience.

After completing her degree in Graphic Design, Markell worked for Pacific Magazines and Australian Consolidated Press on publications including Girlfriend, NW and TV Week. A peck on the cheek from superstar Chris Hemsworth after a photo shoot, is a work-perk highlight that has yet to be topped!
Markell spent time in both London and Sydney before moving to the Mid North Coast and has also worked for Coast Living, Catalogue and Sneaky Magazines.

Thriving off the challenge of crazy-tight deadlines, Markell enjoys being surrounded by creative people, and her passion and experience is reflected in her designs. She loves the creative process and dynamic nature that is CornerPost Creative and handles everything with level of calm that we all wish we had!

In their downtime, Markell, her husband and two sons love time outdoors and being by the ocean. The whole family is also skateboard mad, and out of this obsession the Grommy Stick innovation was created – this special little bar attaches to the skateboard to make it easier for kids learning to skate.

While a CrossFit devotee, Markell is also prone to watching a little too much Reality TV. She loves a good laugh, and enjoys the company of friends and family, especially when seafood platters and mojitos are involved. We are also told Markell has dance moves that parallel Beyoncé…we look forward to seeing this one day!