Website Design

Our difference is that we are marketers and not just website designers— so we look at your website design outcomes differently.

At CornerPost Creative (based in Coffs Harbour, NSW) we develop websites that are not only visually appealing and mobile-friendly, but engage your audience, build your profile and ensure Google likes you too.

When it comes to your website, we consider the bigger picture and how it fits into your business’s objectives and marketing activities. It’s not enough to simply have a good-looking site, it needs to be functional, lead-generating and support your overall marketing goals.

We design websites based on the end-user experience, which is the most important aspect of your website. In other words, what do your customers, clients or prospects want to get from visiting your website? At the end of the website design build we give you the keys– so you’re not held to ransom, and can make changes easily and as you please.

Website Design Services

Why Choose CornerPost Creative?

  • Quality web design – Our talented graphic design team will create an amazing look and feel without sacrficing speed and functionality.
  • Content management system – With the powerful WordPress software, we give you control to manage your website when you want to, without extra costs.
  • Responsive design – Your new website will translate across mobile, tablets and all screen displays.
  • Affordable pricing – Our focus is on delivering you the best quality website and effective sales tool for your business.
  • Flexible payment – You can pay for your website over 2, 3, 6 months or upfront; the choice is yours.
  • Professional content writing – Our expert writers will create content that wins over your customers.
  • Awesome support – Our friendly and experienced team are available to assist you when you need a helping hand or advice.

Responsive Website Design

Our sites are always designed responsive, meaning the website fluidly adjusts to the size of the viewing screen– be it laptop, mobile, tablet or desktop screen– ensuring that your content is readable and easily navigated across all devices. And with Google’s new mobile-friendly ranking changes, it’s absolutely vital that your website is mobile-friendly, otherwise it severely impacts your ability to rank well in search results. And with more than 70% of search done via mobile, it’s imperative to have a site that is mobile-friendly.

Website Content Writing

Content is key to making your website easy to use - consistent structure, language, tone and message ensures your customers understand who you are as a business. Well-worded and relevant content can lead to increased sales, clearer communications and improved customer engagement.

Here at CornerPost Creative, our highly experienced writers can craft content for your website that really embodies your brand, educates and engages with the user.

Managed Hosting

Take the headache out of hosting your new website, and let CornerPost take care of it for you. Our WebGuard managed hosting program provides premium security, speed and performance enhancements, daily backups, and we take care of keeping WordPress and plugins up to date.

Or if you prefer to be a bit more hands-on, our Standard Hosting is an affordable alternative with solid performance and monthly backups.

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