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Why Does Good Graphic Design Really Matter?

Did you know 65% of us learn visually?

Graphic Design is all about the visual elements be it branding, logos, colours, font, images, layout and typography. You may be looking at design online, in print or on a product label sitting on the supermarket shelf.

The right design really matters when it comes to presenting your business too. It’s best to think like a Masterchef contestant and make it all about ‘plating’. Be sure that whatever you’re presenting looks top notch. After all, it’s said, we ‘eat with our eyes.’ As consumers, we often make our decisions based on the way something looks.

Here are our tips for why Good Design matters in business…

First Impressions Really do count

You only get one chance to make a first impression – this is true! The right design reflects your credibility and professionalism. Poorly considered design choices will negatively impact your brand. Studies have shown that close to 50% of people make decisions on a business’s website alone so having a website that reflects your business appropriately is imperative. Customer decisions are informed long before they pick up the phone or walk in the door to your business. Think of your graphic design as the very first greeting or handshake with a customer. As consumers, we make decisions quickly so be sure to get off to the right start.

It means a better bottom line

Studies show that companies who put more emphasis on design perform better than those who don’t. Research from The Design Council (UK) found that companies who focussed on the right design outperformed their counterparts by 200%. It’s proven that a little design can go a long way.

Being consistent and memorable engages customers

Consistency is key in branding. Be sure to use the same look across all of your design from your logo to your stationery (brochures, flyers, stickers, business cards), banners, signage, website and if relevant, in-store / shopfront. Be sure to keep your message clear. Good visuals increase the likelihood that your brand will be remembered. The many pieces of the design jigsaw puzzle from colour to font to images all play an important part in establishing a consistent and memorable brand that will engage customers.

It allows content to shine

Great design needs to look good but more than that, it needs to capture the attention of the intended audience. We all notice dodgy design such as poor quality images or hard-to-read font (yellow text on a white background happens far too often in print media). But when the design is on point, everything works together and we absorb (often subconsciously) the overall look and take in the content without distraction.

Many judge a book by its cover

Have you ever purchased a product simply because it looked nicer than the options alongside it? You may have been searching for a good read whilst perusing the shelves at an airport or when selecting a bottle of wine. When it comes to products with similar prices and functions, we’ll opt for the one that we most like the look of. We have an attractiveness bias and perceive beautiful things to be better.

Good design can give your business the edge. We’re very lucky to have a super-talented and creative Graphic Design team , book a free consult online.